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AS USED IN KAREN BETTS OF NUMBER 1, HARLEY STREET, LONDON! The A-Lift is, to put it simply, a revolution in age-reversal technology. Imagine having all the benefits of having a facelift, but with no surgery, no needles, no botox, no fillers, no chemicals and absolutely no pain! That is the kind of VIP treatment the must-have A-Lift delivers, and you can start to see the signs of aging reverse in just 45 minutes!

“The feeling of a facial, the results of a facelift”

Incredibly powerful, yet unbelievably gentle, the A-Lift is perfect for a range of treatments, from improving the appearance of wrinkles and improving muscle tone, or even as a discrete confidence boost before a public appearance to make your skin glow (the A-Lift is currently being used on television personalities before live appearances), right the way through to a comprehensive program of cell regeneration and healing when recovering from facial surgery or even paralysis.

“Revolutionising the way we think of beauty” (Nouveau Beauty Group)

Short or long term (with results visible for up to 8 months with a course of treatments), subtle or thorough, the revolutionary A-Lift can do it all! Why not offer this new, unique, VIP, next generation electronic non-surgical facelift in your salon today?

"After my A-Lift facial I looked five years younger! I noticed the effect straight after and it definitely reduced my fine lines. It was amazing!" - Gemma Collins


As invented by Sonic Medical Systems owner Ali Hussian, the A-Lift uses exclusively unique waveforms, and groundbreaking, cuttingedge nano/micro-current technology, to feed, hydrate and balance the skin. Think of your skin cells like batteries; the A-Lift recharges them! More than this, as developer Ali Hussain states when referring the mathematical precision of nano/micro-current technology: “the current is so controlled, that it’s in harmony with your body’s electrical system”. The A-Lift is then doing more thanhealing your skin, it is working together with your body, to achieve natural regeneration.

Scientific Perfection - Over 50 years of scientific research into electrical stimulation of natural physiology, has been continually refined, to achieve the mathematical perfection and physiological harmony as realised in the ALift

Every treatment is personal - How? The A-Lift analyses the skin tone of the client an incredible 15 times a second, and adjusts the nano/micro-current according to your individual skin tone, texture and thickness. Not only that, because the human body naturally regenerates skin cells based on existing cells, the staggering benefits of the A-Lift are innately prolonged for months!

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